A summary of the weekend....

This whole week has been a whirlwind of emotions. Shall we start?

Our fridge had died sometime last week and that meant, spoiled food. We called our landlord and he ordered us a new fridge right away. Unfortunately, the timing was great. We called Leonard (our landlord) about it on Monday, and the fridge arrived in Thursday, a day before our trip to South Lake Tahoe. This meant: try to eat or cook everything before it spoils! Unfortunately we couldn't salvage everything and a lot of stuf spoiled. Boo! Luckily, today we stocked up and are now okay.

We had gotten the news that Steve's brother, Jose, was graduating from school (a vocational school). This is gigantic news as he has had hardship with education since he had dropped out from high school early on (I don't know the full story as to why). So in between packing and running errands, Steve and I attended his graduation. We were the only ones in his family. Jose had called my MIL in regards to attending his ceremony, but she said she wasn't going. We weren't going to go since we didn't receive details the night before and still had a lot to do for the trip, but we did. Jose needed a support system there to cheer him on and when I heard that his own mother wasn't attending, Steve and I decided to go, even if it meant running late (we had a schedule set for the trip). We got there and cheered him on when he walked the stage. Steve ran out in order to pay for the meter since it was running out (the ceremony started late), but it turned out that he paid at the wrong meter. Steve decided to stay at the car in case the meter maid came by and wanted it towed. I told Jose what happened with the meter and he understood, he said he was very happy that we at least attended his achievement. I congratulated him and told him that we'd take him out when we got back and that we would make a huge deal out of it. He said thank you.

We finish packing and head out to pick up Manny and Christy for the two hour trip. We left at 5:30pm on the dot, like planned. After about an hour of driving we hit snow. Snow in May?! It's not supposed to snow this time of year, but it did. Actually, it seemed as it if were a blizzard! The rest of the trip was just white, everywhere!! We finally get to our hotel (FYI, it was an awesome place!) and settle in, then we head out to eat. We were famished. After eating we decided to head back. Our car was covered in snow! This was ridiculous!

The wedding was nice and sweet. It started at 11am and ended at 2pm, which at this point Tara's mom, Wendy, invited us over to her cabin. That's when the fun began (we played Apples to Apples). Steve and I met a new fun friend by the name of Josh with whom we cannot wait to hang out with! He is quite awesome mind you.

We pack up (check out was at 10am) and head out to McDonald's for breakfast. There, Tara and Jesse met us in order to hand us the tux so we can return it for them. After that, we decided to hang out and site see before heading back home. While site seeing, we decided to take Old Time pictures--where people dress up in flapper, saloon girl, or victorian dress (the boys get cowboys, gangster, or victorian). The boys wanted the cowboy look and we got the saloon girl look. That was loads of fun and now I want to visit the shop that we have here in Sacramento (which they have the Mexican Revolution wear, guys!! OMG! Emiliano Zapa/Guerilla Warfare look. Major squee!)

After our Werstern photos, we headed over to Fire+Ice. This place is awesome guys! It's somewhat buffet style, but not really--ha ha if I lost you. What you basically do is grab a bowl, there are four side tables---one with your veggies/noodles/ herbs, the second side table has raw meat, and the third one has sauces. You add whatever combination of veggies and meat that you want into your bowl. You then grab a little dish with whatever sauce you want, take it to the giant grill where the chef is cooking (it looks like a giant steel donut). He cooks your concotion on the grill and does grill magic (special tricks with flipping or cutting your food as he cooks it). The boys loved it and I just found my favorite fish--Mahi Mahi! Yum.

As some of you know, I had to put down our family dog. She has been in our family since January of 1995. That's a pretty long time for a German Shepard. My mom called me and said that during my trip away, Pelusa (GSD) wouldn't get up from a spot underneath the orange tree. She nipped at their other dog and would not let anyone touch her. A few years back, Pelusa had gotten a tumor near her rib cage, which fortunately enough was taken out. The tumor had come back (and with friends), but was not discovered until recently (she became very emaciated that by this point the cancer had spread). I made the phone calls and they took her in right away. My brother's Carlos and Luis had been crying all weekend because they knew what was going on and didn't call me as to not ruin my trip. Carlos went to my mom's house in order to say his last goodbye to her on his lunch break. According to my mom, he was devastated and you could hear his cries through the windows (remember, Pelusa did not want to leave the tree. She wanted to stay there, so he was outside with her).

I went over today, tried to maneuver her to get on a blanket as she would not let me touch her (she nipped at me as well). After finally doing so, Steve and my mom placed her in my truck as to which we took her to Mueller Hospital. There they placed her on a stretcher the same way we placed Pelusa inside my car. After paperwork, they took us inside to say our last goodbyes. She died in my arms. Dr. Brian hadn't even finished injecting her when she took her last breath and passed on.

I'm doing somewhat okay, but when I think of her, I get teary eyed. I really miss her and it's going to be so hard to go to my parents and not have her greet me. She has been a part of me since I was 15years old. We had gotten her right after our trip from Mexico in 1994/1995 that Christmas/New Years. She was there for me when some boy broke my heart. She was there when I met Steve. She was there when I got married. She was there, and now she isn't. This is the first life long friend I have ever lost.

I'm going to end it there. I'll post pictures in a different post.