Endless Summer

Since Summer School has ended, we have had our mornings full of fun. Which was the plan. All of this is brand spankin’ new to me. Yes, I have been a mommy for almost 5.5 years, however, I am a homebody. I do like to venture our and have fun. I do like to go out with my son and do our thing—but its usually errands or appointments. For me, to actually get out and do something just to do something—that is like WHOA! You know what? I kind of actually liked these past couple of weeks. I liked going out and doing something instead of just being lazy at home and only leaving home for errands and appointments. This is huge!

I’m hoping that the rest of his little summer vacation is full of more adventures. We only have a few weeks left and I’m going to be excited to surprise him with new memories to come—especially since the weather is perfect for it and the heat wave is gone.

Summer time is Adventure Time + Review

We are finally done with Summer School and Swim Classes. It has made our lives quite busy these past couple of weeks. I'm really hoping that now that Michael has a break from school that he takes well to the change. Here's hoping for a great start next week!
Now that Michael is 5 and he’s a lot more verbal, I thought we should have more adventures together. It’s not easy having a child who is on the Spectrum (regardless where he may fall on it) because it makes day-to-day life quite unpredictable. Some days we could have a picture perfect day out and it gives me hope to be able to venture out again. Then we have days where one thing triggers a meltdown and you have the entire section at Target or Wal-mart staring at you. Those are the days that aren’t fun—especially for him. BUT!!! We are going to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. Summer vacation is when memories are made, and we inted to do just that.

Now since I gave you a small update, I’d thought I’d tell you about a box I received. It’s the Bonita VoxBox and I am so excited to review it. So far I’ve had the Fiber One Brownies. It’s quite rich and oh so delicious!! I’m really eager to try out the Dickson’s Hydrating Toner that I recieved. More than likely it will be to help clean my face tonight before bed. Two hair treatments were in the box too, they are the Madam C.J. Walker Protein Treatment (it’s a pre-wash treatment) and the Wonderful Deep Conditioning. I have a BBQ tomorrow which I am sure I will use it for that. Two lip samples from Revlon’s Ultra HD and Super Lustrous Collection came as well, again hopefully I’ll love the swatches and purchase them. The colors are right up my alley. Last but not least was a Sinful Colors Nail Polish from the Kylie Jenner line: Porcelain Matte in Mad matter. That’s going on tonight on my fingers. Here’s a quick look at what I got:

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own. Influenster has not paid me for my opinions.

School's out for Summer-- sort of.

Ever since the school district recommended Michael attend Special Education Classes, they also recommended that he attend Summer School. Poor guy hasn't had a break since he turned 3 years old. However, this is just a small sacrifice for a brighter future. Now that summer is here once again, we are trying to cram a few activities before his Summer School starts back up again. This time, we are doing swim class!

I'm not a swimmer. I never learned. My parents never really took us 4 to the water parks or beaches to enjoy the summer. We mainly stayed indoors and just--laid there. Now that I am a parent, I want Michael to learn to swim. It's a very important skill to have. Now that summer is here once again, we signed him up--and he's loving it! He's a slow learner so I think we may have to re-sign him up for another class or private lessons after his current session ends. That's okay. I'm sure he wouldn't mind jumping into the pool every day after school now. Who wouldn't with this 100 + weather we've had here all week--and it's just starting!

Now that he's learning to swim, I too have signed up for classes. I'm a little intimidated since the swim instructors are either high school age or just graduated high school. Oh well, it's only for two weeks and it's a something I have always wanted to learn. I just hope I am not the oldest student in my group, which is quite likely since the class is for 12 and older. My being the older. Ha ha! I'll write about my adventures when it comes.

Our New Normal.

I'm up at about 6am Monday through Friday. I stagger over to the kitchen and grab our coffee grounds to add to the coffee machine. Three times out of five, I clumsily end up with about a third of the grounds on the countertop versus the coffee filter. Six in the morning for most isn't too early, but for some reason my body doesn't like it.

After the wonderful smell of coffee starts to drench our morning air, I can feel my senses start to wake up. This is when I head on over the bathroom and try to deflate the morning mess of a puffy face that I have going on. A shower would do much better, but I'd have to wake up much earlier than that--let's face it, I suck in the mornings. 

After I wake up a wee bit  more and finish my morning ritual in the bathroom, it's time to wake up the 5 year old child. If you think I can't function, ha! I try to wake him up and make sure he's fully awake before we all rush out the door. However, I still have to gather his outfit for the day before heading to my mom's. 

Everyone is up by 6:30 and trying to get themselves in order before the clock hits 7am. Most mornings we just blink and viola--it's 7am is here. Out the door we go!

My mom has started to handle Michael's morning routine since Stevan's injury. I drop Michael off by 7:20am (the school bus picks him up from her home now) and head back into traffic. It's a lot easier getting "there" versus my getting home. By 7:45am, I've already dropped everyone off and I'm starting my route back home--which most days means that I don't get to leave my car in the drive way until after 8:30am. 

This is a new normal for us. It's just temporary since the school year will be ending and then we start a new normal. Since Michael does have Autism, all of these changes will be really hard on him. He's capable of handling daily transitions (random trips to the store, family outings, etc.) just not major shifts in his daily schedule. 

We've already started contacting a plethora of ABA agencies and all of them have wait lists from 1 month to 6months of just waiting. I'm hoping our number one choice calls back soon to say we are next. 

Our daily routine right now is just a temporary one until September, I hope. Hopefully by then Stevan will have mobility in his right knee (so he can drive to work and I can drive Michael more calmly to school as opposed to stressed out for traffic.) and we have started ABA therapies for Michael. But for now, we are hoping we can help Michael with all of these new changes. It's not easy but we will try.

And just for fun, so it's not all texts.

Welcome to my life.....

"Hello! Is there anybody out there?"

That seems to be the common phrase around this ole blog of mine. There really isn't really an excuse as to WHY I have been gone for so long. But what's new? I just post whenever I get a little nudge in my head that says, "Hey!! Remember that blog of yours?" or whenever there is a wee bit of downtime from the every day life. Around these parts, a ton has been happening and yet nothing has been happening at the same time. It's like little waves of "happenings" happen and then its just--nothing. But isn't life like that anyways? Let's go back a few weeks....

The Friday before Easter, my husband had a rematch. For those of you who don't know or are new, my husband is an amateur boxer (a license to fight during shows, but not get paid.) as a hobby. A few weeks prior to that, he had a match with the same guy who he lost to. The Easter fight was the rematch to that guy. However he "technically" lost that one. During round 2 of the match (3 rounds total) he stepped back to avoid a punch and slipped. The slip caused a dislocation of his right knee which landed him on a ride via the ambulance to the ER. During his little stint at the hospital we learned that he tore 3 out of 4 ligaments on that knee. Bad. All bad. He had an operation to fix one of the 3 ligaments but still needs 2 more surgeries to fix the other two and tons of physical therapy. So for the past 3 weeks, I've been running around like a chicken with its' head cut off. Everywhere. Which also meant that my son has a new schedule for the mornings. But wanna know what the silver lining is---I'm not working anymore. I haven't since New Years. That's another story for another post. But that was our silver lining this year--my being a stay at home mom/chauffeur t o my husband.

As for our little boy who no longer is a little boy if you ask him, he's doing great. He just turned 5 a week ago and it's such an amazing yet bittersweet feeling. I love that he's getting so big yet miss his being so small. He's still in pre-k and will be "graduating" to Kindergarten next year. Michael isn't quite ready to transition to General Ed Class yet and we are so hoping ABT (Applied Behavior Therapy for his Autism) will help with his Social and Sensory issues. He's so smart and I know with a little more help he will get there. This kid will be making changes in this world, just watch.

Fiesta Vox Box via Influenster

Earlier this month. Or was it last month? I forget. I received a wonderful box from Influenster (Fiesta Vox Box.) I was selected to try products and give them my real honest opinion. Not hard since a lot of the items were items I was already familiar with.

The first item was a make-up item. This brightened up my day to see it in the box. I already owned this product and I can tell you that I love it! It's really affordable and just a holy grail for many make-up enthused people. It's the New York Color Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny 720. It's the perfect shade to contour and to add a little color. A small tip, after you contour, add this in your eyelid crease to add instant shadow. It looks amazing on everyone. It's well under $5.00 and aside from being great to your wallet, it's also quite comparable dupe (Dupe = duplication) for Benefit's Hula which around $28.00. See what i mean?

Body lotion was my second item in the Fiesta VoxBox. Who doesn't love lotion? Who doesn't want soft skin? I know I don't and was glad that I was able to try out Suave's Smoothing with Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Lotion. The scent was light, which I loved, and it did help with the dryness that this "It's cold in the morning and hot by the afternoon" kind of weather we have been experiencing. So it fit great in our little family.

A couple of food items were in the Fiesta Box too. Which I didn't get to enjoy. Let me tell you why. The first one was a protein bar that my kid decided it was for him and said he loved it. I'll take his word for it. It was the Premier Protein Bar in Chocolate Chunk. Yep, that was gone before I even realized it. The other two were coupons to redeem at my local grocery store for Orowheat Whole Grain (my husband's favorite, so he was excited to try a type of bread through their line) and Daisy the Sour Cream (I'm lactose intolerant, so I couldn't really do a feedback on this one.)

The last two items I wasn't quite a fan of. One item was a set of Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Shampoo and Conditioner samples. It wasn't a good fit for my hair. I tried it and during the lathering portion of my shower routine, I had to rewash it with my own shampoo. The second item was the Boots No.7 Dry skin night time cream. I couldn't try this since my skin is quite sensitive. I had to leave that one alone. #sorrynotsorry.

Well, those are my honest reviews on the Fiesta Vox Box.

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own. Influenster has not paid me for my opinions.

I woke up with long hair, I swear!

I'm stuck. Not so much in a rut, just stuck. I have a ton of stuff going on these past months that is what is keeping me from actually putting a post together. I really want to keep this blog alive, and I'm trying so hard to do so, but lately it's just been kind of crazy around here. I don't want to put this little blog aside, I want to keep it. It's just hard trying to find WHAT to put on here. Well, why don't I just write what has been going on? A lot of it is just sad family stuff (grandparents passing, family health issues, etc.) that I don't want a sad blog. I want a good happy blog and although I am well aware that life isn't all rainbows and unicorns, putting content that is sad time after time can just get heavy. Know what I mean?

I'm not gone. I'm still around. Mainly on FB and on Instagram. Although FB is my personal account, you are more than welcomed to see me via Instagram @ Lily_in_the_sky if you like. I also just recently downloaded Periscope. I've only had one session on there and I may do more. We will see how that goes.

I'm thinking of switching things up around here. I figure switching things up from being a mommy type of blog and just making it be more of a ME blog. More of "A day in the life...." type. I need a space where I can just post about me, include my family if and when I want to, and vent a little. Sort of like a journal. Free therapy, right? Along with a new blog venture, maybe a design more fitting of ME. But I'm pretty sure a new design won't happen until later on.

Speaking of new. Something dreadful happened. I needed a change I was in charge of. I needed something. A hair cut. I'd been itching for a shorter do' for some while and it was driving me nuts. My husband insisted that I would regret it and that I would complain after a few weeks. Mind you, I'm side eyeing that sentence here. So I finally go and take the plunge. I walk into this new salon that someone I know had been raging about. I tell the stylist what I wanted. She snips off some hair. Then some more hair. I woke up this morning with hair to just below the middle of my back. I'd been getting compliments for months on how healthy I had kept it. How I had a ton of hair and how envious people must have been. Back to the stylist, she gave me that new "Lob"/"Blogger Bob" that is instyle right now, but then she started to add layers. This is where everything changed. I kid you, this is what nightmares are made of. After she "added layers" she finished off with the blow dry and curled my hair. After checking the length, I thought the curls she gave me perhaps made my hair look shorter. I paid the girl and went on my way home. I showered and tried to do my hair like she did it. After blow drying straight, I saw it. My hair was not layered, it was hacked!! I'm serious!!I had one front layer at my chin and the other at my ear. They were lopsided, and that's trying to be modest. I cried. I cried so hard. I knew I should have gone back but by that time, my kid was napping and it was late (6pm.)

My husband came home and he just gave me the most "WTF?!" look I had ever seen. He stille says he didn't say it, but he didn't have to with that look. We looked around everywhere for a salon that was still open. We went into Great Clips and although they are a chain store, they saved me. They seriously saved me. They let me cry and they treated me as if they were my BFF's and we both vented about the hack job. The only thing missing was a mimosa or wine. So just like my title, "I woke up with long hair, I swear!" It's been in a pony tail since and some days I feel brave enough to actually wear it "flowing."