Summer time is Adventure Time + Review

We are finally done with Summer School and Swim Classes. It has made our lives quite busy these past couple of weeks. I'm really hoping that now that Michael has a break from school that he takes well to the change. Here's hoping for a great start next week!
Now that Michael is 5 and he’s a lot more verbal, I thought we should have more adventures together. It’s not easy having a child who is on the Spectrum (regardless where he may fall on it) because it makes day-to-day life quite unpredictable. Some days we could have a picture perfect day out and it gives me hope to be able to venture out again. Then we have days where one thing triggers a meltdown and you have the entire section at Target or Wal-mart staring at you. Those are the days that aren’t fun—especially for him. BUT!!! We are going to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. Summer vacation is when memories are made, and we inted to do just that.

Now since I gave you a small update, I’d thought I’d tell you about a box I received. It’s the Bonita VoxBox and I am so excited to review it. So far I’ve had the Fiber One Brownies. It’s quite rich and oh so delicious!! I’m really eager to try out the Dickson’s Hydrating Toner that I recieved. More than likely it will be to help clean my face tonight before bed. Two hair treatments were in the box too, they are the Madam C.J. Walker Protein Treatment (it’s a pre-wash treatment) and the Wonderful Deep Conditioning. I have a BBQ tomorrow which I am sure I will use it for that. Two lip samples from Revlon’s Ultra HD and Super Lustrous Collection came as well, again hopefully I’ll love the swatches and purchase them. The colors are right up my alley. Last but not least was a Sinful Colors Nail Polish from the Kylie Jenner line: Porcelain Matte in Mad matter. That’s going on tonight on my fingers. Here’s a quick look at what I got:

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