Just keep swimming....

I'm finally sitting down and writing a post. About time, right? Like usual, life got in the way. But that's okay, I'd rather enjoy it anyways.

Michael started school and is officially a Kindergartener. Funny how I started this blog with pregnancy updates and now he's in kindergarten. That's how easy and fast time flies by. Quick! He's doing great in kindergarten. He has even gotten a pair of glasses to help him focus. Yes, we are officially a family of 3 who all wear glasses--dark rimmed ones to be exact, which converse. Somehow the inner geek in me smiles at that statement. 

We have also started Applies Behavioral Analysis Therapy (ABA Therapy) along with Social Group Therapy. The 1:1 started out nice and easy. I could do it! But that was to establish a trusting relationship. Now today, we started the real sessions. It was intense! I felt my heart melt so quickly. I just wanted to jump in there and swoop him out of there--my own home. The therapists weren't being pushy nor aggressive, he just didn't want to try new foods. One day we will get there, one day. 

On a different note, my husband is finally getting his second surgery. After months and months of insurance issues and starting a new job, we can finally say that it's healing time. It turns out that aside from his ACL, PCL, and MCL, he also tore the miniscus. What a doozy! He's been out of the boxing world for a bit over 7 months. He does not like it at all. I'm sure it will take a full year from the point he tore everything until he can fully function as a boxer. He too will get there.

Right now we are mourning another loss. My cousin lost his wife to a tragic car accident. His twin 2yr olds made it but not without one being in a critical state. The 2yr old boy is healing wonderfully though, all while his twin sister had very minimal injuries. I just pray that they can heal so they can move on. ❤️