[30 Day Photo Challenge] Day 5: Something I Love

Nothing can beat a Pepsi. Well, Coca-Cola perhaps can, but in regards to this post, I need a "cola" in my day to day life. I can't function without one. I don't drink coffee, I seldom will go to Starbucks, and I don't do energy drinks. This is what keeps my body functioning. It's the little jolt I need in order to keep up with my 4 month old. Especially since I'm still not blessed with getting a full night's sleep yet (soon, right?!) So in the mean time I will go to my fridge, grab a can and hope that it's enough to help put that kick in my drive to get along with my day.

Oh! Of course I would have put this little guy for today's challenge, but I don't want him hogging up the blog. He already "owns" every other social site I am on ::wink::