{4mos old} He is getting so big!

Weight & Length:
His birth weight was 5lbs 13oz.  Now he should be somewhere close to 14lbs. I won't officialy know until Tuesday when we have Nurse Carol come to visit :) At birth he measured at 19 3/4, last he was measured at 25inches!

Sleep & Naps:
Since birth, he used to wake up every 2hrs, but now he has a sleep schedule. His bedtime routine starts at 7:30pm with a bath. He loves bath time. He eats at 8:30pm and then is down for the night by 9pm until 11:30pm/12am. Wakes up, eats, and is back down until 4am. Up again by 7am.....this is most nights. He'll nap by 9-10am, and again by 12pm for about 30-45mins (both naps.) If his schedule is off by an hour, everything is off by an hour.

We started on the breast, but that wasn't working out. He is always hungry, but won't eat more than 4oz per feeding.  He still eats 4oz every 1.5hrs to 2hours. Right on schedule.

He is a joker. He loves to laugh at the weirdest things. His favorite thing to look at are the blinds in the living room. We have to lift him up above our head in order for him to be up close and personal with them. I even have gotten into doing skits between him and the blinds. Usually starts off with, "Hello amigos! I am back! Just had my session at the gym. Now look at my physique!" The gym usually being his play gym. LOL He hates raspberries on his belly. Something about the blowing on his belly startles him, however, if you slurp on his belly he will laugh like crazy!  He loves to talk and play around with you during feedings, diaper changes, and bath time. He plays with his hands a lot!  When he is mad at you, he will let you know it by either kicking or giving you a "Don't look at me look" and turn his head away. He's so funny.

Diaper Size:
He is somewhere between size 2 and 3. Size 3 seems a wee big, but the size 2 seem a bit snug. It's the week of transitioning. He'll fit into the size 3 pretty soon.

Monkey! Chulo! or Papa.

Likes & Dislikes:
Bath time. He loves to kick the water around. He also loves his play gym. It's routine for him to start his day off with the play gym. Wakes up and is eager to start his day. He also loves walks in the mornings and evenings with either Jambi or Zeus. Loves visiting his grandparents. He especially loves my dad. He loves to talk, a lot!

He hates dirty diapers and the car seat. He hates them. I think he loathes being buckled in a lot more than actually being in it. Naps!! He hates them. He will nap and wake up at his regular wake up time, but it's putting him to sleep that is a struggle. Most days it's fine, but sometimes it feels like I am buckling a bronco.

      • Laughing and giggling. He has been laughing for sometime, but giggling? He just started doing that a few  weeks ago.
      • Talking. He can hold conversations.
      • His head control. I am so proud!!
      • He knows when you are talking to him and when you call out his name/nick name.
      • Rolling over  from tummy to back :)
      • He loves blowing raspberries.
      • He recognizes his hands and feet.
      • He is starting to teeth. There is drool everywhere!