I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.




Yes, that’s a Britney Spear’s song, but you know what? I feel like that sometimes. Not talking about maturity people, but just on how one describes oneself and others. Did I confuse you? Let me try and explain…


Ever go out with your GIRLS and want to point out another female and end up saying, “That girl over there.” But she really isn’t a “girl” by age standards. So, what I am trying to say is, when do you define another female as a woman or as a girl? Does it depend on one’s phase in life? What about their age? The way they look? Hmm.


For me personally, I think I still kind of consider myself in the “girl” category. I would normally say, “I’m your typical girl next door…” Yet, I am an almost 32 year old woman (biologically.) I know I am a woman and not really a girl. But let’s say I was describing someone my mother’s age (54 year old), I would more than definitely say “woman.” I just think it’s somewhat funny that when I was in my twenties that a woman would be someone in her 30’s and up, yet I can’t seem to describe someone in my age group as that.


What about you guys?