18 months. Oh where did the time go?

Dear Michael,


Today you turned 18 months old. Eight teen. Where oh where did the time go?! I remember when you were first placed on my chest right after you were born, and now? Well, now you are running around, making jokes, and giving kisses when I need them the most. My angel, you have growing up to be this wonderful little boy. Someone who I could never imagine to come and bless my life with his big laughter and squeals. You my dear have taught me so much in such a short time. I am grateful for that. You have taught me to never write in my calendar in pencil because plans are always changing when it’s with you.


Have I ever told you one of my most fondest memories as of lately? No, okay. A few weeks ago I had gotten into some fight with my own mother. I cried. You saw me broken-hearted and it was you who stopped those sad tears from rolling down my face. You came up to me, hugged me, and kissed me. That’s when those sad tears turned into happy and proud tears.


I love you my Michael. I love you more than you will ever know.


-Love mommy.




Michael is officially 18 months old. How is he a year and a half?! Time. It's slipping through our fingers.
Weight: 26lbs
Length: 33 1/4inches

Sleep & Naps:
He's been sleeping through the night for the most part, but he has had a few wake-ups during the late hours of the night. If he wakes, it's only once--unless he's in pain.

He's eating solids. Has been since he was 6months old. No bottles, but we all knew that by 15 months when he went cold turkey. His favorite foods are Mac N' Cheese with broccoli, Milk in his sippy cup, tilapia,  beans with "queso fresco", and any variety of soups (which is going to be awesome since the cooler temps are approaching. It's 95*degrees right now!)
Still wearing size 4. Hoping to start potty training by the end of October, early November.

Papa, Mi’jo (“Mi hijo”/My Son), and Chulo.
Climbing everywhere! I mean, everywhere!
Michael also says various words, “Hey-yo” (hello), “Leche” (milk), “Ava” (water), “Shez!” (Cheese for pictures), and “Doggy” with “Arf! Arf!” Elmo is also a known “word” around here, but he calls him “Papu!” "Choo-choo" for train. "Up" and "Down."
He climbs off the beds with ease.
Sleeps through the night.
Eats fairly well with picky days about once a week.
He knows to bring stuff and can follow directions.
Loves to play outside.
Knows to connect two toy cars together and convert into a train.
loves to "Read" (stares at book as if he were reading.)
Helps in bathing his little cousin by dumping water on his head during bath time.