But you changed that all for me. Lifted me up, turned me round.



Have I ever mentioned my huge love for dogs? I love dogs! All sizes and breeds. Dogs have always been in my family and life since I was a young little girl. Ever since I could remember we have had dogs and there wasn’t a time where one wasn’t present. Since this was true for my life, it was only fitting that I would get a dog as an adult as well. This is where you guys get to meet Jambi.


Jambi was given to me as a puppy from my mother in law. She had gotten him from who knows where. This little dog was so tiny and just scraggly looking. Now, he’s a feisty little fire cracker who is six years old (in human years.) I had no idea what breed he was. All I could decipher was that he looked like a Jack Russell yet his fur wasn’t coarse like one, it was soft almost hair like (Yorkie’s and Maltese are a few with said type of fur.) The more I researched the more I discovered that he was in fact a cross breed between a Jack Russell and a Yorkie. I finally understood more about Jambi than before.


Now that we have our first human baby :) Jambi has become Michael’s dog. I love how gentle and nurturing Jambi is with Michael. Even while Michael was in my womb, Jambi would curl up (like a cat!) on my lap and just snuggle up against it.  He loves Michael and Michael loves him. This is what our lives are about.








--Kudos if you are piecing together what band I am a huge fan of :)