The day Samson entered our lives.

Around here, we love mail. I mean, we love mail so much that our UPS guy and Fed-Ex drivers know us by name, so it was somewhat of the norm to receive something around here. However, when I saw that there was a pretty teal (one of my absolute favorite colors!) box waiting for me Michael, I squealed. Yes, I shriek when I get excited, especially when I know what it is. That pretty Teal Box? Well let me explain…





A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hullabalu about their new line of toys. After learning a little more about  their little friends, I was excited to know that I got to choose Michael’s new friend. We decided that Samson would be a great fit. Boy were we right! I loved each and every one of Hullabalu’s friends. Each little guy had an extraordinary personality which made it hard to choose just one. I loved them all! Ha!


Samson has been very welcomed into our home. Even Gabriel, Michael’s little cousin, has taken a liking to him. If one isn’t playing with him, the other surely is. Even during nap time.





If you want a little friend for your child, just use this referral link. Your child will absolutely love their new Hullabalu buddy. Even I want to cuddle with Samson when Michael isn’t.


Keep an eye out more Hullabalu updates :)