Thanksgiving + Fab Fridays.

Thanksgiving came and went. My mom and I decided to just be “lazy” about it this year and had the dinner ordered through our local grocery store. However, that backfired. We received our meal but it was all frozen! We still had to cook and add more sides to our menu. The note on the turkey said to heat up for 2 hours prior to eating, which we did but left it in for 3 hours instead. The Turkey was still cold. The mashed potatoes, the gravy, and the stuffing were frozen solid. Blah! The upside, now we won’t be curious as to how a Grocery store dinner would be like. Ha!

The Rules:

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5. Come back next week and start again! :)



1. Our dear friends Drew and Amanda got married. They are such an awesome couple!

2. Michael has started to take an interest in tumbling. Maybe we can start him on some toddler gymnastics!

3. We have begun planning for our first housewarming party for our new place. It’s an Ugly Sweater Party. This should be fun!

4. I’ve got a little surprise up my sleeve. I won’t reveal it yet. No, I’m not pregnant. Ha!

5. Our Christmas tree will be up this weekend. I can’t wait to see Michael’s face when it’s lit up at night.