Project 52 Week Savings Plan

Our local news station aired this segment a few days ago. I think it's brilliant! Especially since times are tough (and the new tax/not so new tax laws--ouch!) Anyways, what the segment basically says...

The 52 week Savings Plan: Each week you deposit the number of that week into a savings account. For example, the 1st week of 2013, you would deposit $1.00 into the savings account. Week 2, you would deposit $2. Week 3, $3 and so on. The largest deposit ends up being $52.00 and that will be the very last week of 2013. At the end, you would have amassed $1,378.

Basically, since I just heard about it, I transferred three dollars over to our savings account (and let me just say, it was hungry!) to account for weekend 1 that missed and weekend two that was now on. So this coming weekend of the 19/20 of Jan. I will deposit another three dollars since it is week 3 of the year. Sounds simple, right? Here's a chart to help you out just in case you need to a bit more help:
52 week savings plan
There is also a face book group for support for those who want to dip in early ;)

I figured since we are always struggling at one point or another that it would work for my little family and I. It's not that much saved where we will be financially free, but at least it's a start to having something in our account. Who knows, maybe that can help with Christmas presents this year and not feel so tight around the neck with money, presents, and bills.