What a beautiful Mother's Day.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. Ours started on Friday. Yes, Friday. In Latin America, or at least Mexico anyways, Mother's Day is always always on May 10th. This gives us Latina mommies two days to be celebrated.

On Friday we had a night BBQ full of carne asada at my Mother-in-laws. This worked out great since we can celebrate both of our mommies on two different days. Everyone pitched in and bought food to celebrate Rosa. My husband's grilling was a hit. It's always been somewhat of a secret that he really wants to start his own grilling "thing" and so when everyone applauded his skills--it gave him a confidence boost to do it again.

On Sunday, my husband made breakfast. His cooking skills are coming along. I did give him a few tips before he started that morning, but I tried not to meddle aside from that. Maybe I should have him do tonight's dinner as well (too bad he works late.) That afternoon, it was off to my Moms for an early dinner made by yours truly--Wingstop. I love wings. I love Wingstop so much that I craved them during pregnancy and cried when I couldn't get a batch. However, this time around something seemed off. I wasn't enjoying these exquisite chicken wings. Crazy.

In the midst of these celebrations, my sister in law gave birth to her and my brother in laws first child. A boy by the name if Joaquin Emiliano was welcomed during a special weekend. What a beautiful gift to receive on Mother's Day...yes?