My life.

This is an email I wrote one of my best friends while she was at work:

This boy is driving me bananas!! LOL. He woke up at 3am and wouldn't go back to sleep til 6am. Then he wakes up at 8am crying, well whining. So we get up, come to the living room, and I place him under his gym. He plays a bit, the rattle hits him on his face and he starts to whine. lol. I pick him up, try to feed him, and he pushes the bottle out with his tongue. Now he's smiling at me and giggling (sort of like heaving but with his smile.) Then he whines. AGAIN. I give him his bottle, he doesn't want it. I put him back under the gym, he whines. I lay him down on the couch, corral some blankets around him and the bottle is on top---self feeding. Now he's happy.

This is my life! lol

Yep. My life has changed drastically since becoming pregnant and now a mommy. My nights and my mornings are no longer for me. Heck, not even the afternoons or evenings do they involve any "me" time. But I am sure everyone knows that when a little one enters your life, right?