10 Things I Love About My Michael....

When I was pregnant, I had decided to join a pregnancy forum. This forum was precisely made for women who were pregnant in April, just like I was. I thought it would be great fun, and informative mind you, to learn about  these pregnancies as I was learning about mine. Now that we have "graduated" from our pregnancies, many of those women have started "Mommyhood Blogs" to chronicle their every day life stories about their new life.  One of the ladies from that forum had an entry on her blog that I absolutely love, aside from that, I also love the concept behind her blog: Love Letters to Sophie, in which her entries are written in letter form for her daughter. Love it!

1. I love when we wake up in the mornings, you look at me and smile. That's when I turn to you and say, "Good Morning!" Your smile gets even bigger. It melts my heart every time.

2. I love when you coo at me after your nap. It's like you are telling me about your dreamland adventures.

3. I love it when you get excited over feedings. You know that it's feeding time when I place your bib or a spit rag around your chin.

4. I love how you look at me when I walk into your room. It's the fact that you know who I am that makes me go ::swoon!::

5. I love how you have gone from crying like a lunatic to actually enjoying your bath. You have matured so much in such a small time frame.

6. I love how you cling to me when I lay you on my chest. It's a bond that only you and I share.

7. I love the way that you let me take pictures and videos of you. One day you won't like these things, but I am glad that I can hold on to these precious moments, at least in this way.

8. I love how excited my family is over you. It is such a blessing to know that you are so loved by many.

9. Did I ever tell you how much I love the way you smell? I don't think I've ever smelled anything sweeter, even when you have a dirty diaper.

10. I love that you let me sleep an extra hour when you lay next to me. You "talk" to me while I do so. Thank you!