Baby's first zoo visit.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I had dreamed about going to the zoo with my family. I wanted everyone to go as we all shared in Michael's very first visit. Actually, part of that dream included the San Francisco Zoo, however, we weren't able to go for one reason or another, but this was a very well received substitute.

Everyone gathered at my parent's house and then headed off to the zoo. We arrived and started off Michael's first zoo adventure at the Reptile House. There we saw a wide variety of lizards, tortoises, and snakes. A few were dormant, while others were hanging off a branch ready to show visitors what they do best--hang around. Soon after we walked on over to see the newly remodeled Giraffe Encounter. I was very excited over this since I could take Michael to meet and feed the beautiful creatures. But alas, he was asleep, so we just stood there and watched the giraffe's come up to the balcony as visitors went up to feed them. One by one, each giraffe took their food from the palms of the people. Next time, I will join them. Around the corner was the chimp exhibit. The Chimps are everyone's favorites, along with the tiger that was not too far. Speaking of which, the tiger had decided to be cooperative, despite the heat, and just lay out on the window seat that the zoo has laid out for him. There, visitors can have a closer look and even pose with the tiger, if he is willing. We took a few snapshots as this was a great "keep sake."

We saw a great deal of amazing wild life there and I could go on and on about who and what we saw, but I'll stop there. I know Michael slept for a portion of the visit, but I am sure one day he will look at the pictures and actually say "Hey! I did go!"--and it won't be his last.

The family watching the animal show.

Michael meeting a real life tiger.

Michael getting to see the koi.

exiting the Reptile House.

Uncle Luis.

They really do box!