I can haz sleep now?!

Since his first few weeks of birth, we've always had a schedule for his bedtime routine and it had always worked, until now. For the past couple of weeks, my husband Stevan and I have been having trouble putting Michael down for the night, and during the week, I've been having trouble putting him down for his scheduled naps. He just fights it. For his naps, Michael will stiffen and shriek when I try to rock him. I've tried singing, I've tried the white noise turtle he has with the night light sky. He just hates sleeping, which is funny in itself since he wakes up cooing and ready to play.

His bedtime routine consists of the following:
{7:30pm} Getting his bath ready.
{7:45pm} He is in the tub all squeaky clean. He'll splash around for a minute or two and then he's out.
{8:00pm} Michael will be get a gentle massage with lotion and have his PJs put on.
{8:30pm} Michael gets his final bottle for the night and he is "usually" out.

However, it's not working anymore. He wakes up every hour until 11pm. This is not good. I have a husband who has to be up by 3am to get ready for work and so I have to deal with the night time feedings. Although Steve helps putting him down by giving baby Michael a bath every night, the full on night time routine is all mine, along with the daytime naps and everything else. I have been at the point where I now need sleep. My body can't take too much more of waking up every 2-3 hours every night and walking around this world with little to no sleep, that is until now.

Let's hope and pray that this is his new routine! Let's hold hands and just wish really hard that he will continue to sleep through the night like he has been for the past four nights. If he does wake up, it's for only one feeding at 3am. This new schedule is so doable! I'm hoping he doesn't regress because now I have been waking up with more energy than I ever thought I would ever get!

As for his naps, we are still working on it. As long as I get most of my night time sleep, I can handle the battle of the dreaded nap during the day.

Thank you sleep training!! I hope I haven't counted my chicks before they have been hatched.

(PS. I just recently discovered that I don't have to rock him for his naps. The bouncer does that work for me Ha! Bouncer FTW!)