Oh! Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Long before Michael was "Michael", he was just a dream. A wish. A few years back, Husband and I talked continuously about what our first born would be like. Would baby be a girl? A boy? What would the nursery look like? All of those questions you ask when you really wish for something. During one of those talks, we were shopping at Target. Oh how we love Target. Anyhoo, during our brisk walk through the Dollar Bin aisles I ran into a section full of Peter Cottontail items. I grabbed everything that I could: Shopping Lists, pens, story books (mini and full sized), and Peter himself. I told my Husband, "I'm going to keep these in a box until my own little rabbit comes into our lives." That was 4 years ago.

Now that my own Peter Rabbit has come into our lives, I finally introduced the two yesterday. He would not let go.

Side not: Michael was born around Easter time.