One is silver, the other is gold.

They say that your life changes as soon as you have your first child. They say that your friends will drift away. They say that once you become a mom, you no longer have time for your single friends. There are a ton of blogs and forums out there that prove this to be so true. I for one have finally come to the realization that I too have become one of those moms where my "friends" are no longer that. Or so, not the friends that I thought they would be once baby got here.

Everything is just so different now. We used to just make coffee dates and hang out for hours on end. We used to go shopping and spend all day just gabbing away. We used to hang out at each others homes and that was the BEST THING EVER! We used to.... I could go on and on about what was then and what is now.  So many changes. I'm not complaining about my new life as a mom. I really am not. I love being a full time mommy and housewife to my family. It's the best job I have ever had! Every day there's a reward and I love it! I just miss that I can't really share any of those aspects with my friends anymore. Or so it doesn't seem like it. I've tried reiterating that I can make time, just let me know in advance, but those words just fall into empty cracks.

The way I saw life after Michael was that we would hang out a few times a month at our local coffee spot. We each live no more than 15 minutes away from each other, and I was so happy for this latest move for us. I saw, in my mind, the three of us going shopping with Michael tagging along. He's a good baby and loves to chit chat with the ladies. I imagined that the three of us would have dinners at a local restaurant or even just dessert while we gossiped about our lives. I saw a lot for us three and yet it's been almost six months and not one of those mini adventures has happened.

I know that a lot is going on for each one of us. One of us is getting a divorce and well, she's loving the single life and is hanging out with friends who share that common interest. The other is busy at school trying to finally finish her much anticipated Bachelor's degree and is busy with her side of the family. I understand that each one of us is going through different phases of our lives or through different directions, I just wish that amongst all of that change, that we could make some time for us. Weird thing is, our guy friends, totally make time for us--baby and all.

Maybe it's wishful thinking. Maybe it's time for me to finally accept that right now, our lives are going in different directions and that we will always be friends, just not the same friends we once were.  After all, as the saying goes, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”