Sorry for the display being knocked down.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day. We went rather late in the evening, but that's okay. It was the only time that our schedule permitted us to go. Anyways, we always start off in the produce aisle and began picking up whatever we needed for the week. As I make my way to pick up a head of lettuce, I run into another customer--literally. If we had been cars, it would have been a fender bender. I said, "I'm sorry" as I continued on my way to get more veggies,

We continued our way from aisle to aisle and were now in the condiments aisle. Michael is finally waking up from the car ride, and an over due nap as well. Steve was on the phone and was also on a mission to find our mayonnaise. I had parked our cart near the sauces/marinades waiting for him to pick up the jar. I began playing with Michael as he was still in his car seat, I accidentally push the cart forward and..... I knock over this medium display of bar-b-Que sauce. Everyone in my aisle just looked around to see what happened, yep, they knew it was me. Steve, was still on the phone and had yet to pick up the jar of mayo. Soon after, a grocery store clerk came over to pick up the mess I had made. I was so embarrassed by what I had caused that I could not get the nerve to mutter the words, "I'm so sorry!" I'm pretty sure he knew it was me (I was right next to it and well, he came over as soon as I had knocked it over.)

Finally, Steve made his way over from the mayo section and said, "Let's go." He had not seen what happened. I showed him a mini bottle of liquid smoke that I thought was interesting, he said "no" and tried shushing us away. Just as I was placing the bottle down, I almost knocked over that display as well.

This sort of thing is a small window as to how clumsy I am. That, and my bruises on my knee explain it all. Ha!