Wow! Five Months Old!

Five months old as of Sept. 04. | Meet "Patito Loco" (Crazy Ducky), I <3 his eyes!
Weight & Length:
As of yesterday, September 09 Michael is 15lbs with 10oz. That's almost two pounds since his last monthly update. Since birth, he's gained almost a full 10lbs! Wow! As for his length, he is *almost* 27inches! He has grown oh so much since Michael arrived.  Having grown seven inches is quite impressive! I don't quite know what his percentages are, but I'll ask his pediatrician next week.

Sleep & Naps:
In our Four month update, I let you guys know that his schedule was all wonky. His sleep schedule was thrown off by an hour, even though we kept with his regular routine of bath, bottle, and bedtime routines. Now, he's finally sleeping through the night. Halleluiah! This is an awesome gift to have. I know I shouldn't get too excited since I'm sure a growth spurt/regression is around the corner. However, for now, I will enjoy it. 

Nap time is the same. He takes a nap two hours after he wakes up in the morning, then another two hours after that, and so forth until two o' clock, which is his last nap. He'll surprise us sometimes and sneak another one in there.

He has added two extra ounces to his feedings now. Michael has gone from a very long term 4 ounces to a very filling 6 ounces. Nice, right? Must be what gets him to sleep through the night. 
We have started to toy with solids a bit, but they aren't a part of his daily diet, yet. They are around the corner. I can feel it.

He is now fully into size three :)

Monkey! Chulo! or Papa.

(Basically nothing has changed, so I'll CTRL+C from the last update)
Bath time. He loves to kick the water around. He also loves his play gym. It's routine for him to start his day off with the play gym. Wakes up and is eager to start his day. He also loves walks in the mornings and evenings with either Jambi or Zeus. Loves visiting his grandparents. He especially loves my dad. He loves to talk, a lot!

He hates dirty diapers and the car seat. He hates them. I think he loathes being buckled in a lot more than actually being in it. Naps!! He hates them. He will nap and wake up at his regular wake up time, but it's putting him to sleep that is a struggle. Most days it's fine, but sometimes it feels like I am buckling a bronco.

  • He can now roll from his tummy back to his back! Last month it was just all tummy. :)
  • Sleeping through the night. Again, Halleluiah!
  • He can grab things when they are handed to him
  • Almost a self sitter, right now he's still a supported one.
  • Babbling like a crazy fool!
  • Self soothing after a nap.