I hate being sick.

These past few days Michael has been a sniffling, congested, fussy little baby. The nights are the worse. He cries for everything because he feels like he can't breathe. He'll drink from his bottle only to throw a tantrum seconds later because of his nose. I'll lay him down for a "middle of the night diaper change", and yet another tantrum ensues. Nights are horrible when he is asleep. To top it all off, Steve is sick too. He was the one who actually gave Michael whatever he has, but Michael seems to be the one suffering--until last night.

Last night was my turn. I had a headache the night before but it was light enough to bare. Now last night, while we had our friends over for some pizza and beer (I don't drink beer--patooey!) my light bearable headache turned into an almost migraine. I could not stand loud noises and the lights were getting to me. I excused my self during the middle of our pizza dinner and crawled into bed. Luckily Michael was already in bed by this time since he needed to rest to fight whatever virus we all had caught. Once in bed, nothing not even the 3 layers I had on of blankets (they are thin) and the thick comforter could keep me warm. Steve came in to check on me and added another blanket. It did the trick. After he kissed me good-night and wished me a better nights sleep, he left to entertain our guests. It wasn't even 5 minutes later when I started to cough. Not just cough, but that annoying cough where you feel your whole body vibrate and it doesn't stop. Yep, that one. But it brought a friend--vomit. Oh my goodness! As soon as I let out the cough, my dinner came with it. All over my pillow and bed. I was sick. Definitely. I called for Steve and he came in to help me clean up. He even checked to see how I was temperature wise--light fever. I guess everything decided to just happen to me all last night. This was not fun. Luckily, this morning I feel great. No headache, no nausea, no dizziness, nothing--as of nothing happened. Which is great since I need to care for a sniffling, congested, fussy little baby.