My baby is 10months old! Holy Crap!

My mom said the other day, "Your baby is no longer a baby." This made me quite sad. Yes, he is still a baby by technical standards as he is not walking yet or "toddling", but he isn't a new born either. I love knowing that every day he might possibly learn something new. Which also reminds me, it's been 4 months since his last update and whoa!! He's changed a lot and a lot has happened!! So onto the update:

Weight & Length:
Michael is officially 10 months old as of today. Crazy! The last time we weight him he was 17lbs. Now, he is 21lbs. Our nurse who visits (I don't know if I clarified, but there is nothing wrong with Michael. The nurse comes about 1 to 2 times a month as part of a program I participate in. It's for first time moms and when I was pregnant, I signed up for it. It's actually great since I get to interact and learn a lot more about parenting and babies) will be here on Wednesday. I wonder if his weight will have changed.

His length by now should be at 29inches. OMG! Over two feet!
Sleep & Naps:
His sleeping at night has gotten a ton better! He only wakes up twice and they are quite spread out. His bedtime hasn't changed, 8:30pm, and  his wake-up time hasn't either, 7:30am. He wakes up at 1:30am and then again at 5:00am. It's not bad unless I stay up waiting for Steve to "clock in" at work (a habit we have when he leaves early mornings like he did at 3am.)

Napping has gotten a lot better! He goes down about 2-3 hours after waking up and is out for 1.5hours. Then up again and down after 3 hours and is out for another 1.5hour. I get to do so much around here! :)
He still drinks 6 oz bottles but not as often. His feeding schedule goes something like this:

{breakfast} Gerber and a bottle (he hates cereal. I can't get him to eat any rice/barley/or oatmeal cereal.)
{snack} toast with some gerber on it
{lunch} sopa de fideo (a mexican style noodle soup) or grilled cheese sandwich
{snack} carrot stick
{dinner} spaghetti or spanish rice with some chicken

Obviously this isn't every day but what he may have one day.
Still in size 3 diapers.
Monkey! Chulo! or Papa.
He still loves Elmo! He recognizes him now when its an image or a toy. He wakes up really happy--a morning person, something he did not get from either if his parents. He likes to poke at people, especially their noses. When he gets curious and wants to touch something, he uses his index finger to touch it. He loves to squeal and make you laugh (he loves pressing his face through the mesh of his play pen and make faces.) He loves being chased and chasing people. Loves to hit the punching bag (oh no! LOL)
When I last updated, Michael had no teeth at all. Since then, he has had his two bottom teeth come in and a top one (top left.) Right now he is on the verge of getting his top right tooth. He is going to looks so grown up with top teeth. However, he has also learned that he can bite. He bites hard!!

  •     Michael has been crawling since 7 months.
  •     He has also learned to pull himself up and get back down.
  •     He loves to sign to Zeppelin and Tool. Oh, and Vicente Fernandez.
  •     He loves the guitar. Hears someone playing it and runs to it.
  •     Michael loves to clap
  •     He has also begun to furniture surf,
  •     3 teeth and 1 coming through!
  •     He has been saying "Papa" since 7 months and is now saying "Mama" when not crying.