Midweek Confessions.

I decided to join Elizabeth over at "E, Myself, and I" and join in on their "Midweek Confessions." It seemed like fun an since I don't quite have a picture for Wordless Wednesday, why not? So here you go :)


  • When it comes to laundry time, I always do a weeks worth of laundry in one day. Problem is, it takes me a whole week to just put that clean pile away.
  • My room, out of the whole entire house, is the messiest. I'll admit, we get up in the mornings and just walk out. The bed is never made and the laundry is all over the place. Swear if I had a tv in there, things would get don. Promise. :)
  • I'm Catholic, therefore I look forward to Ash Wednesday and the whole "No Red Meat" thing. Then come two weeks later and I am dying to stop eating seafood. What gives?"
  • I need to start a daily bath routine with Michael. I always end up putting off for a night time routine (like in the beginning), but it ends up being put off for tomorrow. I should just go back to us both having shower time together. That would be best, but then there went my quick little shower during his naps.