One of Those Days.

 Ever have one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong? Like you know it is going to be "One Of Those Days" just because you bump your knee or drop something and it's a glimpse of your day? Yep, that was me yesterday. Everything from Michael deciding that he was not going to be napping for the day to my burning everything that the stove touched. It was terrible. I keep blaming it on PMS since I'm due for the monthly quite soon, but seriously, it was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

I had decided to do something nice and make peanut butter cookies (i hate peanut butter and the smell alone makes me gag) for my husband. I had gotten the recipe from Chef John over at Food Wishes. The recipe looked simple enough and I had gotten over my phobia of baking desserts. No, really! I have this phobia, or so I say had this phobia since I burn desserts when I bake them most of the time. Ask my friends and family around here. Anyways, it had been a while since I had baked anything and or burned anything that I had enough, or moderately enough confidence to try baking again. If this didn't set me back a bit, then I don't know what will. Especially since I also burned dinner! I never burn dinner!! What gives?! This literally was a bad day for cooking for me. Again, it was just One of Those Days for me. I even ended up shedding a few tears (yep, I blame PMS.)

So what made my day better? Michael and Steve. Yes, my boys. My dear sweet boys. Michael with his goofy faces when he eats and Steve for wanting to eat the catastrophic food anyways. According to both, the food looks horrendous but it was delicious. I'll take that--for now.