Random and "It's Okay"

Last night was a rough night. Michael had decided that it would be fun to wake up every two hours. At about 5am he thought it woul be a fantastic idea for play time. Um, no. Luckily I was able to get him back to sleep and sleep for an extra hour. It's better than nothing. Now he's all smiles and screams (happy ones.) I don't get it, he's a morning person--his parents aren't.

Speaking of "every two hours", hubby and I have been toying with the idea of possibly giving Michael a little brother or sister. We want a second child and think that soon would be perfect. We have some things to iron out first, but once those are done, I am sure that we can start on that "plan." I know I will miss the lack of sleep, but it definitely is worth seeing that little one smiling back up at you every morning. I may need to start drinking coffee every morning if baby number two does come our way.

Now on to the "Weekly"

It's Ok....

....to wear your pjs all day long when you have no where to really go for the day.

....to not have the house clean once a week. sometimes you just need the break.

....to eat dessert for breakfast, once in a while.

....to whine and complain on your blog when you don't want to do it in "real life"

....to say, "We have no groceries" just because I don't feel like cooking for the night and want take out.