My date night with my Valetines.

Friday evening, my husband decided to ask me out. He said, "Will you go out with me?" Normally I thought it was just him being sweet and I answered with, "Yes." Thinking it was just him playing around he said, "Seriously. I'm asking you out on a date. Will you?" Stunned, I said, "Um. Okay? I mean, we don't have a sitter lined up for anything and it's last minute for anything like that." He said he had it planned out and that we would go see The Vow. We did!!

He told me to pack up Michael's bag with toys and blankets. I did. I also packed up his bottles and some snacks. This was to entertain him while we watched the movie at the Drive-In. This made everything so much easier on us when it came to watching a  movie. Not only that, Michael slept the entire time we were there! How sweet of him to give us some Mommy & Daddy time at the movies.

That was my date night with my boys. The Vow was a sweet and cute movie. I won't get into what happens or a review since it just came out and well, I'd like for you to see if you are able to.

Happy Valentine's Day--with whomever you choose to spend it with--family or friends, or a loved one.