Mid Week Confessions

- I'm excited and yet saddened over how quickly and easily this past year has gone. It makes me sad to know that Michael is no longer a baby but will be a toddler in a month! I hope that Toddlerhood is as easy as babyhood was. I was lucky!

-Every day I keep saying, "I'm gonna bathe the dog!" Every day I end up saying, "Tomorrow." Am I that lazy? No, weather has been weird, sunny, but weird--windy.

-I initially wanted to give up my soda intake and only drink it a few times a week. It hasn't been the case lately. In fact, it's doubled!

-When I was growing up, I didn't curse. It took me years, many years into my adult hood before I uttered a curse word. Now, I curse, not like a sailer, but more so in  terms of "Mother Effer" and the like.

-I complain about how I need sleep, yet I find myself going to bed rather late in comparison (should be sleeping when the wee one is but I stay up for several hours after.) Go figure!