Midweek Confessions.

- There are days when I don't quite feel like cleaning, so I just tidy up whatever can be seen with the eyes (like hide all of the dishes, dirty and clean in the dishwasher.) If we have company coming over and I know that they are coming, I blame the "mess" on having a baby. I know, sad, but true.

-I cannot pass by the Dollar Bin at Target. I have to stop by and take a look. This way if I get something, I don't feel guilty for getting many items....Come on! They are only a dollar!

-I get self conscious when I know someone is really good with cooking, photography, make-up or whatever interest I am in. It makes me not want to do that particular activity in front of them.

That's all I have for Midweek Confessions but I'll blame it on the fact that right now I have a headache. Or like my husband and I like to call it, "Cavemanitis." You know, when your brow seems really heavy and you have a headache which makes you feel like you look like a Caveman. Yeah, like that. Also, I've been quite the busy bee with planning Michael's first birthday. So much planning and yet so little time.