First Birthday.

In about 3 weeks, my little bunny turns 1. How did time go by so quickly? The other night I was just browsing through videos on my blackberry and I actually started to cry from nostalgia. Steve ended up joining me on the crying-fest. He said he was sad. I said, "Yes, I am sad too but I am much more excited to see what else he has in store for us." Then I began to confess how head-over-heels I am in love with Michael. I knew I could love, but this little man has shown me what true unconditional love truly is.

How did we go from this to this, in a year?
So now I am planning his First Birthday. Everyone we know wants to pitch in and help. Let me tell you, we are so blessed to have so many people in our lives that love us like they do. Now that I have brought up the party.....

This is my theme: I blame Pinterest since it's where I got my ideas. It's a "Yellow/Teal/Orange/Lime-Green/Purple" Monster Bash First Birthday Theme. Ha! Right? Everything will be color coordinated and I'm hoping that it will look fantastic. However, I would love to go overboard, but I must be realistic. Once I start doing the "crafting" for it, I'll post pictures a little at a time. Right now they are ideas in my head and am hoping that my ideas can meet reality. I'm really excited over this. This is my first party (aside from baby showers that I planned and hosted) where it's all for me/my baby. I can't wait!