Where's Michael?

Aside from that little fun milestone, he is getting quite close to walking. He's been surfing furniture for weeks. He is still very cautious about letting go, but every once in a while, you will see him just holding on with a finger or so. I would bet that he will be walking about a week or two after his birthday. Seems so close.

I seem to be catching whatever bug is around here. It's not a heavy one, which is good news since I hate being drugged up on meds, especially when caring for Michael. It's just a light tickle in my throat with a slightly annoying cough. I know Michael is somewhat sick too because his nose is runny and well, he had a fever a few days ago too. Plus his appetite has been lacking until today. Go figure.

On the marital front, we are doing absolutely great! Steve and I seem to be getting out of whatever tiny funk we were in and are all cuddly. Which is weird, well to me, because I am not affectionate like that at all ( I've gotten mushier?) You know what though? I kind of like it. I mean, Steve seems to be happier with my being much more affectionate (he's the mushier one, physically though) than usual. Now, if I could only get over my fear of feet and maybe, just MAYBE I'll do a foot rub (I don't mind getting one, but me giving one--ewe!)