Today I decided to link up with Saige Wisdom's Obsessions. Figure since I already confess the laziness during the link up with E, Myself, and I's Midweek Confessions.

My current obsessions:

Where was this when I was getting married? Seriously! My wedding could have been a whole lot better had I had access to a site like this. This site is ah-maze-zing!! Love it! At least I get to use it for Michael's First Birthday. Ha!

Jersey Shore
I know!! Why am I watching this?! It all started because I saw ONE episode. It's so sad. For me, it's so sad!

Photo A Day
Yes, I am. It's so much fun! Thank you Chantelle!! She's over at Fat Mum Slim, and I absolutely adore her blog! You should go check it out if you have some spare time. I definitely will try next month's challenge. I'm actually quite excited over this :)

That's it :)