::A Gray Rainbow::

Meet Sonya. She’s the blogger over at ::A Gray Rainbow::  She’s a first time momma learning the ropes of Mommyhood. Here’s a little excerpt from her “about me.”


Hi My name is Sonya. I’m a type A personality with a type B fiancée and our little Jerrybeans who hopefully is somewhere in the middle. I guess you might say we could have been high school sweethearts since we went to high school together and even shared a kiss once, but we weren’t. However we did find each other 8 years later along with LOVE. This little blog is about our life and my journey as a mama, a fiancée (soon to be wife) and an all around CRAZY lady but with a big heart, and that’s what counts right!

So head on over to ::A Gray Rainbow:: and get to know this cute momma and her little life story.