after the rain, the sun comes out….



My life is a little crazy right now. Somewhat seems like there’s this grey cloud always looming over our heads and sometimes feels like we can never get things right. The weather has matched my mood exactly these past two days and today, after the rain left, the sun came out.


We initially were going to go and grab a copy for Michael’s baptism (I wanted him to be familiar with his Godfather before baptized him. I wanted to see the relationship before asking if he would do us the honor) but by the time we got everything ready, it was too late for today. Instead we opted to run errands for Michael’s sake (Walmart for food goodies like juice and snacks) and then a walk right after. That walk was much needed. Felt really good to just get out and breathe the fresh air, especially after the rain. It smelled so sweet. Plus it didn’t hurt that it was much needed after our Chinese food dinner—love the cuisine, but it’s always somewhat greasy.


I have to remember that everything isn’t always so doom and gloom in my life. That there are small blessings everywhere and that’s where I have to keep my focus on. For instance, how wonderful is it that my little man loves my dad?! It’s amazing how he is squealing and smiling when he sees him walking up the driveway. I had always wanted that growing up because my dad was quite awesome when I was a kid. Really! I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. I remember waiting for him after school and looking through the laundry room window waiting for the truck to come through beeping. That beep meant “Daddy is home!” My brother Carlos and I would run to the door, waited for him, and then pounced on his feet once he came in. My dad carried each one of us on each foot and carried us all over the house. I know that once Michael gets to that foot carrying age, that he would do the same. My dad is basically the only Abuelito he has. Those are the blessings that I should focus on. Those little ones that are quite big in my heart.