April 25—Mid Week Confessions

It’s that time of the week again. Time for my weekly confessions. These are fun, if you haven’t tried them, you should.


- I need to pack. I’m lagging on that, I really am. Normally when we move, I have things ready to go for moving day. I never wait till last minute. I don’t intend to wait till the last minute, I have a few weeks, but I have to pack the whole house and I should start somewhere before it turns into chaos. I’m sad. LOL


- I need to get better at planning my meals. All I do is take out whatever needs thawing and figure it out in the end. I need to get better with that.


- This new move we are doing should save us a ton of money right now. That is, if we implement things that way. I really need to get better on creating a new budget since we’ll be living at my parents. We do want to buy a house one day.


- Who says that Mid Week Confessions have to be about “bad” things, I’m actually quite proud over not being online so much. Yay me!!