Busy bee is busy.

I need to stop and smell the flowers. My mind has been so preoccupied with moving, birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s day, and so much more.  So much stuff going on.


I’ve been so busy and stressed out these past couple of weeks I think I even made myself sick. I’m feeling better now, thank goodness. I didn’t like that one bit! I’ve been ordered by my loved ones to slow down and just relax, that everything will fall into place. Remember, “It is what it is and you can’t stress yourself out too much. You have a little one to care for.” So right. I really need to start to just relax and realize that some things you can’t change.


Weather is warming up quite nicely these past few days and upcoming days. Maybe I’ll take a break and enjoy that. Perhaps go to the park? The Zoo? Or even just a small picnic or a BBQ. Whatever it is, I need to remember to relax or I’ll make myself sick.