He’s not here.

At about 1:30pm (PST), my husband left me. Well, he left me to go to Vegas with his brother and two friends. The guys had decided that it was time for my husband to see a real life boxing match in Vegas. Nice, right? All expenses paid for Stevan. Even better. I’ll be “husbandless” for the next 3-4 days until his return. This is so weird to me since for about the first time in our 7 years that we have been married, I’ll be sleeping and living  my life without his physical presence. The only time it ever came close to that was when I gave birth to Michael where I spent a week at my parents while I learned a few ropes and got much needed help and rest post-pardum. However, Steve still came and visited after work but we saw each other. This time, it’s not like that.


I miss the heck out of him. I give Military spouses “props” for doing this for months at a time. I don’t know how you guys do this. It’s hard. I think the hardest part was seeing Michael crying hysterically when his dad climbed into the car. That, and seeing him fight his way through his toys, after bringing him, to get to the door calling out “Daddy!!” That tore my heart. After about 5 minutes, I calmed him down. I know this is only a small teeny weeny fragment of what it’s like for Military families, but my goodness…..I couldn’t do it. So I thank you all for what you do and sacrifice.


I’m really hoping Stevan enjoys his weekend out with the boys. As much as I miss him, I am also extremely excited for him to see a real live fight in Vegas. I hope he enjoys it because it will be a long time before he does this Winking smile