Michael’s First Birthday

You know, I had this giant idea of what Michael’s First Birthday would totally be like. Did it happen that way? No. Did everyone attend? No. But you know what? All of those people who mattered did, and that is what is really important. I didn’t get to enjoy my son’s first birthday because I was so stressed out over every single detail and getting everything so perfect.  I should have just followed one of the Golden Rules in life—Keep It Simple Stupid. There are reasons why cliches are always around….because they are true!

So how did it go? According to everyone that did go (and by that I mean our usual group of friends and our immediate family members, which I should have just planned for like I normally do), it was a blast! We had cupcakes, and old fashion Carne Asada, jump houses, balloons, birthday songs, goodie bags, and a game of Apples to Apples. After all of the “grown-ups” left (and by that I mean our parents, ha ha!) the drinking commenced and that’s when we played Apples to Apples---twas fun! We even had a round or two in the bounce house which was loads of fun.  Maybe that was my lesson this weekend, to always remember that keeping it simple works!



Here’s us in the bounce house enjoying our time.



The Birthday Boy.



A lot of this was going on.






My husband consoling Michael after we sang and clapped to “Happy Birthday.”



The mommy <3