A year ago today (04.04)

Dear Michael,


A year ago today, I finally met that little person who would forever hold my heart. I finally met the one who had been tickling me from the inside for the past nine months. The one who taught me what real unconditional love truly is. I finally met you, my little bunny.


A year ago today, you were placed on my chest and for the first time, I knew why I was here. You were wailing when being weighed and checked out, but when they placed you on my chest, you knew. You knew I was your mommy and that I was forever yours. You were so tiny, and with your tiny hand, you held my finger.  I’ve been holding on to that day since then because that’s when I knew that everything would be alright in the world.


A year ago today, my life changed. Yes I know, I knew it was changing the day I found out you were coming, but when you finally arrived, it was official.  My life changed forever because from that moment on, there would forever be a little person who would always depend on me to keep him warm, happy, and safe. My life changed because it was no longer about me, but about you. I like my new life, thank you!


A year ago today,  I learned to stop and smell the roses. To cherish every little gesture, every little hug, every little smile, and every little giggle because I know that one day I will miss them. I now know what real happiness is. Like today, I was rocking you to sleep and you just weren’t ready, yet, you looked at me, and I looked at you--we both smiled. Those little moments will always be in my heart. I can’t wait for the rest of them


Love mommy,


Your biggest fan.