First Hair Cut

This weekend hasn’t even been over and I can actually claim it as bittersweet. Today we went to get Michael’s first hair cut. His bangs were hitting his eyes and he desperately needed a new hair cut. Last time, Stevan and I did a terrible thing where we trimmed his hair and everyone ended up calling him Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. It wasn’t bad looking, just a little too straight and not so natural looking, but the bangs were bugging his eyes. Back to today, we went to Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Elk Grove where they “specialize” in first haircuts and kids hair-do’s. Figured since we kinda had an oopsie with his trim last time, we should let someone else work on his hair (and if they messed up, the blame belongs to them. Ha ha!)


Before we went in, I kept hearing this little line that one of my brother-in-laws had told me, “After boys have their first hair-cuts, they become tremendos! (They become “bad.”)” This ended up turning into today’s chant and it would not leave my head. 


So we go in. The hair lady sits him down in a little fire truck for him to entertain himself and plops in an Elmo movie. This was the trick. She begins by turning on the buzzer and placing it on the back of his hand and sings, “Tickle. Tickle.” Michael was amused, not by the clippers, but by the chord of the clippers.  She begins by buzzing off the back. I begin to slowly hold back my tears. My baby will no longer look like the “Michael” that I have known this past year, but like a 1 year old Michael. I didn’t want to be one of those mom’s who went snap happy with her camera so I didn’t take any pictures. Luckily, my husband could care less and he taped what he could on his blackberry. Love it!


Soon after, he was done. He did good. The hair lady saved us his hair clippings and placed them in a zip loc baggie. She said they were out of First Hair Cut kits, but that I could come back and pick one up whenever.  Which I definitely will.


After he was done, we debuted his new do’ to himself via the mirror. Michael did not know what to think—he just starred at it. I’m sure it will take some time for all of us to get used to it.


I can’t wait to show off his new do’ to everyone this week (from Grandma’s birthday, to his birthday on Wednesday, to his party on Saturday!




Oh, did I mention that he was a bad boy all day after we left the salon?. Yeesh!