We are about a month behind on Michael’s booster shots. I had missed an appointment and had to wait for the next available (this was a few months back.) This meant that yesterday was Michael’s “One Year” booster shots. Poor thing, he had five shots total for the day. Usually he takes them like a champ and is calm within two minutes, not this time. All the nurses rushed to console their favorite little patient. One even ran outside after my husband screaming, “Michael!!” She had tears streaming down her face when she came back in. I was trying to stay calm as I made Michael’s next appointment for August. I hate these appointments. Luckily he is progressing quite beautifully. He is at the 90th percentile for his height and his doctor promises that Michael will tall like his daddy at 6’1, if not taller.


We are adjusting quite well here at my parents. Which makes me really glad. I was worried Michael wouldn’t take well to the new setting, but he is doing a marvelous job. Especially since he gets to place with his little cousin, Gabriel. Those two are a bundle of laughs as they talk in gibberish trying to plot their next shenanigans against my mom and I. Too funny. One day, I’m going to have to video tape that.


We’ve also started to have seen signs of what the “Terrible Twos” are going to look like. This is not going to be fun, seeing as he tosses and turns when he is angry which then leads to him sprawled out on the floor with his little hands over his eyes as he “cries” (he makes a whiney face with fake tears.) This will not be fun. Make it go away please. Please?!


I know this entry is all sorts of random, but I figured it’s better than not having an update, right?  After leaving for a small hiatus for packing, moving, settling in, and a bug….I need to start to get back into the swing of things. For now, this will do.


How are you guys?