Best Friends Forever


I love hearing babies babble. Especially these two! You can hear these two doing just that. It’s hilarious how these two can talk up a storm and telling the other jokes –usually it’s Michael saying “Dah. Dah. Dee-ler. Deeler.” and Gabriel just chuckling away. These two crack me up!


I always wondered how Michael would get along being the only baby within our families. The youngest baby before Michael is only a month older than he is, yet we rarely see her. On my side, well, Michael is the first grandchild/nephew, that was until 6 months into our pregnancy did we learn that my brother would be becoming a father. Then there were those awkward months where these two couldn’t interact until now. Now they play, giggle, and talk in secret baby language,


Right now we are off for 4 days for the holiday weekend. This means that Michael won’t see Gabriel for those few days. You can tell that he gets lonely and bored without him. Sure he has many adults right now willing to hug, tickle, and play patty cake, but it’s not the same when your BFF (best friend forever) is gone for a few days. Especially since you get used to seeing him every day at 8am every morning…right when you wake up.


This just reaffirms my idea of wanting to enroll him into daycare once he is 2 years old. I want him to be social. I want him to share. I want him to play with other kids his age. By joining daycare for only 2 days a week, I’m sure he can get those skills he will need for pre-k. This, his playing with Gabriel, is just a small step. An important step towards daycare. Wow. Day care. Am I really talking about that? I guess time is flying by….