Four Day Fun!

This post has been rewritten, been saved, and opened/closed one too many times. All because my dear son has decided to embrace the “Terrible Two’s” quite early on. His tantrums are just wow! He throws himself on the floor (we have tile mind you), lays on his tummy while screaming and hides his face in his hands. I am not liking this phase of mommyhood. My parents keep telling me to ignore it while he does it since time-outs won’t work yet for him. They tell me to just ignore it while it’s happening and finally pick him up (with a hug) and talk to him, after he calms himself down, in a nice calm tone. I really hope this doesn’t last too long. Then again, they wouldn’t be the Terrible Two’s for a reason, right?


What my original post should have been:


This past weekend was a blast! Michael is still recovering from it in some ways. He is finally sleeping through the night but he has gone down to 1 nap a day. You win some, you lose some. We went to a few birthday parties, Fairy Tale Town ( a children’s story book themed park), and did some shopping at the local outlets in the city of Folsom. Every day we did something and every day we had fun.


My mom and brother tagged along with us (Steve, Michael, and I) to our first trip (since I was a kid) to Fairy Tale Town. Michael loved it and it seems to be a place where we will be returning all Summer long to. I can’t complain.



Steve at the entrance of Fairy Tale Town




Michael sitting on King Arthur’s throne in King Arthur’s Castle.



The Prince and I.



The royal men.



About to go down Owl’s house fro Winnie the Pooh.



Fetching a pail of water (Jack and Jill.)



Did I ever mention that I love trees?!



My husband posing with the hippo water fountain.







Riding one of Cinderella’s horses. Errr, mice, right?



Little dude decided he wanted to get his flirt on’ at the Crooked House after the Crooked Mile.



Daddy and Michael walking the Crooked Mile.



“Daddy, how’d I do?”