Mid Week Confessions.

- I’m starting to really like naptime. I finally get to do things for me, like take a nap with my son. Ha ha! Maybe I should start being more productive like clean something or wash something. Right?

-My life is fairly boring. Really it is. Nothing is going on this summer, aside from bbq’s, birthdays, pool adventures, and whatever else summer has to offer.

-I’ve been craving fish for some reason. We don’t eat seafood often since hubby isn’t a seafood lover. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him if we can go to Red Lobster or something soon and satisfy that craving. Why can’t I be normal and crave something like ice cream or french fries. lol

- I don’t know how to whistle. Scratch that, I can whistle, just not like most. I only know how to blow in when I whistle, just not out. Told you, I’m weird.

- Oh, also, I can’t swim nor do cartwheels.  Yep. I am officially weird.