My mini adventure

Source: SacMag
There is a local food truck around here that is famous for it’s food. It’s called Mini Burger. They move all around town and it’s really hard to spot since they are always moving. When I heard that today there would be a Food Truck Expo, I jumped at the chance because somehow, somewhere, I knew that Mini Burger would be there.

My husband came home around 4pm, the expo began at 5pm. Perfect! As soon as he came home, I had him change out of his work clothes and into something more comfortable. I was determined to catch this food truck and take a bite out of their tasty little burgers that everyone raves about. We get to Garcia Bend Park around 6pm (with a child in tow, you tend to take more time leaving the house than getting ready. All we see are lines beyond lines. The food must be good and one of them HAS to be Mini Burger.

We walked everywhere and could not find the truck with the delicious burgers. How could this not be? They have to be here. After searching high and low for the famous truck and coming up empty handed, we decided to leave and get ice cream. We do and enjoy the rest of the evening Mini Burger-less.

Once at home, I decided to check on Mini Burgers website for any information. Were they late? Did they cancel? Did we get there early or late?! What happened?! Wanna know what happened? Mini Burger is now KRUSH BURGER and they were there!