Midweek Confessions….

  • When I first learned that I was pregnant, I read so many blogs about parenting that I already had my mind made up as to how I would raise my child. Now that I am a parent to a one year old, many of those ideas have been thrown out the window. AKA…no tv until he’s at least two. Now I find myself secretly waiting for Sesame Street to come on so I can sit and drink my coffee—even for 5 minutes.

  • I’m a terrible blogger! Really I am! I need to start adding Blog Days on my agenda and make it a point to add more content on here. Plus, I’ve also been slacking on my personal journal as well. I love these places and need to get to it. Hopefully Summer will help with that.

  • Hubby and I need to make time for date nights. Okay, I lied. We have time for date nights, I just feel terrible about leaving Michael with someone to baby sit. Not because I will miss him, which I would anyways, but because I feel irresponsible leaving him to go and have some fun. I know, I’m a terrible person. LOL.

  • Michael grunts when he is going potty. Sounds perfect right? I mean, this lets me know that he is about to poo and I can whisk him away on the toilet. I’ve only done it once and it was successful. What’s the problem? I’ve only done it once.

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