How do you blog?





I’m not asking about what program’s you use or how do you type, but how do you do it? Let me clear it up… I want to blog. I like to blog. However, not everyone in my personal life cares about it like I do, so it’s hard to incorporate that world with this one. For example, yesterday.  Yesterday was awesome! Michael began to take off and started to actually walk! He’s been holding our hands and pulling us in all directions when he wants to walk, but letting go? No way, until yesterday. That there, is WHY I blog, to keep those little memories archived. However, if I want to blog about something as a trip to the local flea market, it’s not as “widely accepted” around here. Sure I can type about my experience at Denios Market, but to take pictures every 15 minutes, not so much. 


Maybe it’s because they don’t get how others can connect and learn from others around the web. Maybe because they think it’s like a “Dear Diary” and don’t want their world exposed. Whatever it is, I wish it were easier for me to share with you guys my world.


So, let me ask you again, how do you blog? Is everyone around you accepting of your hobby/work? Do they care about your snapping pictures and posting them via the world wide web (do people call it that still?) Or do they love the fact that they are “famous” when they make an appearance on your blog? Tell me, I’d like to know :)