Midweek Confessions.

I’m linking up again with Elizabeth over at E, Myself, and I with the weekly confessions…



- Michael is walking!!! He is finally letting go and it scares me! This means that he’ll be getting into more trouble, the vertical kind. Eeek! Yesterday he fell backwards and hit his head hard on my parent’s tile floor. I am not looking forward to new bumps and bruises.


-I’m really envious over Michael’s summer attire. Yep, all he wears right now is diapers. I wish I could just walk around with out anything. We’ve been at close to 100° degrees all week. It’s only the beginning too!


- I love LOVE thrifting. Seriously! There’s a local thrift store around here that I love going to. I went yesterday and purchased quite a few shorts for lounging around the house. Plus, it’s a great place to pick up some little boy clothes, especially since they grow out of them within a month or two.


-Have I ever mentioned that I love taking pictures? Well I do. Then I wait for Walgreens or CVS to have a “free picture(s)” sale or something in order to print. It’s the only way I’ll print.