Off to the dentist we go…..

teethYesterday was Michael’s first visit to the dentist. Anxiousness filled  my stomach as the 9am hour approached for his appointment. I knew deep down inside I was going to be told, “Let the night bottle go.” I was right.


The dental office we chose specialized in kids dental care. They had arcades and video games to entertain the wee ones as they waited for their turn. The staff was so nice and friendly, I liked it. Michael enjoyed playing with some pop up toys and before you knew it, it was our turn. We went into the back room where the Dr. Yee explained what she was going to do before she did anything. She also explained that he may cry, so not to fret. She had me place Michael on my lap facing me and then asked that he lay down. She opened his mouth and checked his teeth. Perfect! Everything was perfect and no cavities in sight. Whew! She asked about bottles and night time feeding. I couldn’t lie and told her about the bottle. I knew I was going to be asked and how it’s bad, I’ve just been putting it off for a while. It’s already hard enough putting him down for a nap or bedtime, the bottle was my ally—no more bottles I guess. So no more bottles.


Last night, was our first night sans bottles. Sigh. It took my over 45 minutes to finally get him to fall asleep without one. During the whole ordeal, “Leche!” (milk) was being yelled out. Mind you, he doesn’t quite say the word during the day, only when he really wants it. Unfortunately, it was decided that after his teeth were brushed and flossed for the night, nothing but water was to be given and in a sippy. Michael didn’t quite like that. Like I said, after about 45minutes or so, he finally surrendered to dear old Mr. Sandman.


Night one, complete.