Random Bullets.

Date Night:

Stevan and I had another date this weekend. We played pool with some of our buddies and it was a blast. I normally suck at anything competition, but I actually made a few balls in the pocket, even won the game (I jumped up and down on that one and “Yeeee’d.” Yeah, I am a dork.) After a few rounds of pool, we had dinner at Tex Wasabi’s for some sushi. Delicious!! I am glad that we were able to go out for a bit, we’ve needed that alone time.


Free Willy:

On a different note, we have started that “No Diaper” phase and may soon have to start implementing “Potty Time” with Michael. He has begun taking off his diaper and would much rather be free. We’ll see how that goes. Ha!



I’ve been reading Pintester| Fu***** up Pinterest so you don’t have to lately. I absolutely love this blog, mostly because it reminds me of me, CRAFT FAIL! It’s such a great idea to document all of her successful and NOT so successful experiences, I may just show you mine (we all need a laugh, right?)


Photo Dump:

Here are a few from this weekend. Figured it would be a good idea to just do random photo dumps on here and now always have them stored on my camera.



Just a small picture of us at home. Usually what are weekends consist of.



Someone has begun enjoying those coin operated rides. Looks like he may be ready for the State Fair.



Pool time! That’s my hubby on the right.



Look who is sleeping! Without a night time bottle and a whole lot better!